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King Coffee recipe

King Coffee recipe

Coffee royally got its name not only because of its pleasant taste and dense, but also a luxury type of finished beverage. Coffee for this recipe uses egg yolks and coffee liqueur.

Coffee recipe regal

Necessary ingredients:

2 teaspoons of ground coffee;

2 egg yolks;

2 teaspoons coffee liqueur;
King Coffee recipe
sugar - 4-5 teaspoons;

water - 300 ml.


Separate the egg yolks from the whites, add 3-4 teaspoons of sugar and beat them with a mixer until white. In the process of whipping the mixture will become more dense and the air to look at, and at this stage you need to add to it a coffee liqueur. Now you need to make strong black coffee with the help of the Turks or the coffee maker. Water for coffee is recommended to take a soft and filtered.

In the finished coffee, you can add sugar if desired, and stir. Pour coffee better in thick-walled glass glasses and decorate the top cap of whipped sugar-yolk mass. For lack of glasses, you can take an ordinary cup. Sprinkle with grated chocolate, cocoa or cinnamon.

Coffee like a king ready!

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