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Kopi Luwak – the most expensive type of coffee

Kopi Luwak - the most expensive type of coffee

Black Ivory - the most expensive in the world!

At this point in time Black Ivory grade is the most expensive coffee. Its name translates as # 171; Black Ivory # 187; or # 171; Black Tusk # 187;. For 1 kg of grains of this gastronomic luxury you need to pay $ 1,100. That we can estimate the price of one cup of drink can cost $ 50! Why is it so expensive?

The answer is found in the stomach of an elephant! Productions Black Ivory coffee engaged only in Thailand. In order to get the coffee beans of this variety, it is a normal Necessary Arabica beans passed through the digestive tract of the Thai elephant. Why do we need such a process?

The fact That the gastric acid corrodes elephant proteins in coffee beans and THUS reduced bitterness black beverage. The taste of coffee, even if it is hard brewed, it turns very soft.

Black Ivory coffee production

The essence of the entire production process is to feed the elephant coffee beans, and then wait until the animal defecated in the tall grass. In order to get 1 kg of coffee beans Black Ivory elephant to eat about 33 kg of fresh berries arabica varieties. They need to be mixed with the usual eating an elephant - Fruits, greens, rice, beans, and so on grain digestion process takes about a day ... During this time, in the body of an elephant it is a natural process of fermentation of coffee.

Grain aromas saturated animal food. After defecation in high elephant grass cameleers Extracted from manure coffee beans, washed, and send them a further Top Bangkok for processing.

Where can I buy Black Ivory?

In our country, Black Ivory grade is unlikely to buy. This coffee imported by order of Arab Sheikhs in Abu Dhabi. Yet it is sold at the resort, Anantara Golden Triangle, Which is in a conservation area on the border of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. It can also be Purchased at the Anantara resort in the Maldives network. There is organized a demonstration of coffee for wealthy buyers.

 If you wish for them is manually grind fresh beans and then brewed coffee highest standard. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the world's most expensive coffees enters the Asian Elephant Foundation is a rescue These animals, as well as the hard work paid mahout.

Kopi Luwak coffee 

The same principle is made even one of the most expensive varieties of coffee - Kopi Luwak Coffee. Price for 1 kg of this delicacy around 400 - 600 dollars. This coffee is produced in the southern part of India, Indonesia and the Philippines. In this case, coffee berries Asian Palm Civet animal feeds or otherwise - lyuvak (Luwaks Engl.).

Due to the small animal, coffee and carries his name. After Luwak will celebrate his need, grains removed from the feces are processed and the finished product is its rich gourmet coffee.