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Low carbohydrate diet – a menu for the week

Low carbohydrate diet - a menu for the weekLow carbohydrate diet - a menu for the week
Slimming to a low carbohydrate diet is effective? According to some concept of dietary cause of weight gain is excess carbohydrates Mainly. Resignation of them is the simplest way to Achieve thinness. A sample menu for the week, based on products low in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for the body. After absorption and digestion reach the tissues in the form of sugar, glucose. There it is transformed to the energy of 1 g of the body Obtained 4 kcal. Carbohydrates are essential to burn fat. Carbohydrate stores in the body are small and insufficient for 12 h (at energy Requirements of 2000 kcal. When insufficient amount of carbohydrates in the body burns own muscles. In the case of a small amount of less than 100 g / 24 h comes to the incomplete combustion of fat and body acidity ketones. The diet providing only 30 grams of carbohydrates treated epilepsy in children resistant is drugs. The Loghi (patented and used by German doctors), Atkins, Kwasniewski and Dukan diet is well known as the "classic" programs with low carbohydrate content. however, different they among themselves the amount of protein and fat. the American Association of Family Physicians Defines a low-carb diet as a diet in Which carbohydrate intake does not Exceed 60 grams per day. in 2008 a group of researchers specializing in the study of low-carb diets offered us tępujący division:

  • Ketogenic carbohydrate diet (LCKD, low-carb diets Ketogenic) contains less than 50 g carbohydrate per day, less than 10% of total calorie intake
  • a low carbohydrate diet (LCD, low-carb diets): 50-130 g of carbohydrates, 10-26% of calories
  • średniowęglowodanowa diet (MCD, moderate-carb diets) 130-225 grams of carbohydrates, 26-45% of calories.

Diets low in carbohydrates have proven to operate in case of weight loss. However, we do not know how they work and Whether or not harm other organs. In 2014 in the "Annals Internal Medicine" published the work "Effects of Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets: A Randomized Trial Lydia", stating That this diet not only reduces body weight and fat, but also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The side effects of the use of low carbohydrate diets

  • constipation Caused by the lack of fiber in the diet
  • dizziness, headaches and loss of concentration due a lack of sugar
  • Muscle spasms Caused by the absence of potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • halitosis, insomnia and nausea
  • the risk of kidney disease, gout, and exacerbation of joint disease because of excess protein in the diet

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Low carbohydrate diet - weekly menu

This diet should be used under the supervision of a specialist, it is for the obese and overweight. It lasts no longer than three weeks. This requires control of ketone bodies in urine or blood glucose. During the diet you should drink plenty of water (2-3 liters a day). Diet Provides about 1,500 calories, Which will help "get lost" 0.5-1 kg per week. Men total daily calorie intake should be Increased by about 500 calories. This can be Achieved by adding an additional snacks and / or fold Increases in some portions, as in the example below:

Day 1: Breakfast
1. The additional egg = 74 kcal
2. The extra piece of toast with butter - 102 calories
Additional 20 almonds = 139 kcal


Low carb diets can not be used by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. People with chronic diseases require medical consultation.

Day 1

1,524 calories; 119 g protein; 79 g carbohydrate; 105 g of fat

B: 323 calories; 21 g protein; 14 g carbohydrate; 20 g fat
3 Scrambled eggs, whole grain toast

Snack: 139 calories; 5 g of proteins; 5 g carbohydrates; 12 g fat
Almonds 20 pieces

Lunch: 440 calories; 37 g protein; 19 g carbohydrate; 45 g fat
Steamed 100 g shrimp salad, 1/4 avocado, a handful of lettuce and some of cherry tomatoes. Salad dressing: tablespoon olive oil, tablespoon lemon juice, 1/3 red chili peppers finely chopped. The whole mix with vegetables.

Snack: 157 calories; 12 g of protein; 14 g carbohydrate; 5 grams of fat
Two wholemeal crackers spread with cream cheese with shrimp

Dinner: 331 calories; 37 g protein, 14 g carbohydrates, 17 g fat
Cod in caper sauce with vegetables; 80 g of beans and 100 g broccoli Approximately 1/5 of art. Cook steamed cod fillet 100g, mix with the sauce of the buckets, taken from the oil, teaspoon capers tbsp chopped parsley and lemon juice. Eat with boiled vegetables.

Dessert: 134 calories; 7 g of protein; 13 g carbohydrate; 6 g fat
Natural yoghurt 150 g of 2 tablespoons blueberries

day 2

1,508 calories; 100 g protein; 83 g carbohydrate; 88 g fat

Breakfast: 313 calories; 13 g protein; 25 g carbohydrate; 20 g fat
Natural yoghurt with 150 g 100 g 30 g raspberry and pistachio nuts. mix ingredients

Snack: 145 calories; 6 g of protein; 4 g carbohydrates; 12 g of fat.
Handful (25 g) pumpkin seeds

Lunch: 552 calories; 33 g protein; 36 g carbohydrate; 32 g fat
Salmon, quinoa salad with sauce. Rub spices (pepper, garlic) ring salmon bake on grill pan, eat the cooked quinoa 50 g (dry basis) and salad dressing made from clearing tablespoons oil, lemon juice and pepper

Snack: 78 calories; 2 g of protein; 7 g carbohydrate; 5 grams of fat
Spoon the hummus and small carrots

Dinner: 420 calories; 46 g protein; 11 g carbohydrate; 19 g fat
Pork lightly crushed and cut into strips 100 g, in a pan vegetables (onion, bean sprouts, broccoli, paprika) 200 g. Vegetable, chili, clove, chopped garlic, ginger pieces and fillet pieces brown it on a spoon coconut oil.

day 3

1488 kcal; 95 g protein; 78 g carbohydrate; 109 g of fat

B: 356 calories; 26 g protein; 31 g carbohydrate; 15 g fat
Two hard-boiled egg, 50 grams of smoked salmon, a few radishes; pear

Low carbohydrate diet - a menu for the weekSnack 138 kcal; 5 g of protein; 8 g carbohydrate; 11 g fat
A handful of cashew nut (25 g)

Lunch: 523 calories; 22 g protein; 23 g carbohydrate; 57 g fat
120 g sliced ​​salad of mozzarella, tomato, avocado, with the sauce with a spoon oil, balsamic vinegar pepper. The reaction dusted with fresh basil

Dinner: 395 calories; 40 g protein; 12 g carbohydrate; 21 g fat
Baked salmon with vegetables - 150 g filet of salmon, drizzle with a spoon oil, garlic bolts, to the cooked cauliflower 100 g and 80 g peas

Evening: 76 calories; 2 g of protein; 4 g carbohydrates; 5 grams of fat
A glass of warm almond milk

day 4

1444 kcal; 97 g protein; 85 g carbohydrate; 91 g fat

Breakfast: 338 calories; 9 g of protein; 42 g carbohydrate; 15 g fat
Almond Fruit - 3 tablespoons almond flakes are mixed with a small banana, 100 grams of blueberries or other seasonal fruit or frozen fruit. The reaction primed almond milk 150 ml.

Snack: 38 calories; 1 g protein; 9 g of carbohydrate; 0 g fat

Lunch: 461 calories; 50 g protein; 16 g carbohydrate; 31 g fat
Salad with chicken and avocado - Mix cooked and chopped chicken meat with half an avocado, lettuce leaves, a few cherry tomatoes. The whole lemon juice and sprinkle 10 grams of pine nuts.

snack; 139 kcal; 5 g of protein; 5 g carbohydrates; 12 g fat
Almonds 20 g (a handful)

supper; 468 kcal; 32 g protein; 13 g carbohydrate; 33 g fat
Frittata pumpkin - brown it on a spoon oil 75 g chopped zblanszowanej pumpkin and pour it roztrzepanymi eggs 3, mixed with 50 g of crushed feta. Eat with a green salad.

day 5

1435 kcal; 92 g protein; 86 g carbohydrate; 82 g fat

B: 391 calories; 12 g of protein; 35 g carbohydrate; 22 g fat
Fruits with yogurt - 200 g of diced melon and raspberry pour 100g Greek yoghurt. Sprinkle with 15g pumpkin seeds

Snack: 100 calories; 2 g of protein; 2 g carbohydrates; 10 g fat
3 Brazil nuts (Italian be small)

Lunch: 510 calories; 44 g protein; 18 g carbohydrate; 29 g fat
Tuna salad - 135 g tuna (of the brine water) divided into pieces, mixed with cooked and sliced ​​hard-boiled egg, cooked and chopped green beans, cooked and chopped potato, 5 przekrojonymi cherry tomatoes. The whole mix with the sauce spoons made from the oil and lemon juice

Snack: 69 calories; 2 g of protein; 17 g carbohydrate; 0 g fat
Melon 70 g

Dinner: 310 calories; 31 g protein; 9 g of carbohydrate; 17 g fat
Grilled chicken breast - on a spoon olive brown it on the grill pan slightly broken chicken breast of 150 g (rubbed with spices), eat the cooked spinach with garlic and almond milk and 100 grams of broccoli 1/5 (approx. 100 g)

Evening: 55 calories; 1 g protein; 5 g carbohydrates; 4 g fat
10 g of dark chocolate 70% (cube)

day 6

1,438 Calories: 106 g protein; 94 g carbohydrate; 68 g fat

Breakfast 464 kcal: 21 g of protein; 13 g carbohydrate; 35 g fat
Pancake fruit - 50 g of ground almonds mixed with egg yolk mixed with 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt and compacted foam proteins. Greased pan fry in coconut oil. Dine 50 g of berries or strawberries (thawed)

Snack: 139 calories; 5 g of protein; 5 g carbohydrates; 12 g fat
20 hazelnuts

Lunch: 342 calories; 35 g protein; 35 g carbohydrate; 4 g fat
Sandwich turkey - 125 g cooked turkey breast located on a slice of bread, rye mustard smeared with tomato, cucumber slices and leafs rocket

Snack: 69 calories; 10 g protein; 1 g carbohydrates; 1 g of fat
A few sticks of celery

Dinner: 424 calories; 35 g protein; 36 g carbohydrate; 16 g fat
Fried in oil (teaspoon) tiger shrimp (150 g) the cooked lentils red (50 g) with olive oil, and curry flavored zblanszowanym spinach-flavored garlic and almond milk

day 7

1,560 calories; 112 g protein; 52 g carbohydrate; 98 g fat

B: 427 calories; 43 g protein; 8 g carbohydrate; 26 g fat
Scrambled eggs with salmon with cherry tomatoes - in a frying pan fry the beaten eggs mixed with 3 pieces of sliced ​​smoked salmon 100 g eat with a few cherry tomatoes.

Snack 116 calories; 5 g of protein; 4 g carbohydrates; 9 g fat
Handful (20 g, i.e. 2 tablespoons) pumpkin seeds

Lunch: 477 calories; 38 g protein; 19 g carbohydrate; 28 g fat
Chicken salad and beans - 100 grams of cooked and sliced ​​beans mixed with cooked and diced chicken breast of 100 g, 3 tablespoons sliced ​​black olives, cherry tomatoes, parsley. Mix with a spoon of olive oil and lemon juice.

Fast Food Calories 56; 0 g of protein; 7 g carbohydrate; 0 g fat
2 tangerines

Dinner: 484 calories; 26 g protein; 14 g carbohydrate; 35 g fat
Tofu with vegetables and nuts stir-fry - Stir-Fry on a spoon coconut oil diced tofu 150 g, 20 g cashews, broccoli, feathers several balloons, pepper, soybean sprouts. Season with soy sauce with Low.

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