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Makeup for acne. How to cover up acne makeup?

Makeup for acne. How to cover up acne makeup?Makeup for acne. How to cover up acne makeup?
Makeup for Acne It is designed that conceal skin imperfections. Appropriate selection of cosmetics and knowledge about the correct way of applying them is the key to a beautiful, healthy glow without the mask effect. How to cover up acne makeup? Viewing guide, step by step how to perform the make up!

Makeup for acne. How to cover up acne makeup?

Makeup for Acne It is the perfect way to cover up imperfections. Properly selected cosmetics applied in the right way will help hide pimples and blackheads. Unfortunately, many women, trying to hide acne, used heavy sleepers and powders, thereby forming a visible effect of the mask, Which can be avoided!

Step 1 - make-up for acne

As a base under make-up of the cream of daily use. Many women struggle with acne to forget That skin problems requires special care. Do not forget about the regular moisturizing - washing cosmetics for acne skin is often dry out the skin, which you must also eat light creams, THUS regenerating it. It is worth remembering That the application of a cream to use a brush, it is best suited as a primer dry applications. By doing so your fingers can only worsen the condition of acne bacteria we have on hand. Particular attention should be paid to the tendency to dry out.

Step 2 - makeup for acne

The second important step in preparing makeup for acne is to use the equalizer illuminating properties, Which we put under the eyes and rub the brush that shade the base. Drobinkom with reflective equalizer contained in the skin under the eyes look healthier and more rested.

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Makeup for acne. How to cover up acne makeup?

Step 3 - makeup for acne

Single pimples and other imperfections zatuszujemy using camouflage. This cosmetic product has the consistency of heavy, making its properties are very highly opaque, so you should use it skillfully - otherwise Treat yourself to a mask effect. Bit of the product is to take the brush to the substrate to finish the tip. The cover imperfections brush brush tip, then make sure That any excess cosmetic product has been thoroughly crushed.

Step 4 - makeup for acne

Girls and women with acne-prone skin should forget about the heavy sleepers and pudrach, Which can clog pores and cause new breakouts. Best to use the pressed powder - put it in using a large, soft brush. Pinning him to the cosmetic care to pay attention to the powder thoroughly covered the entire surface of hairs. Product introduce point-to-face, pressing the brush to the skin, but not rubbing him and secure a perfect opacity. The area around the eyes also swept from the temple to the nose.

Step 5 - makeup for acne

If the want to emphasize cheekbones pink or bronzer, use matte products, without illuminating particles. The use of gloss cosmetics make will emphasize what they would like to hide.

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