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Makeup for dark skin. Day and evening make-up step by step

Makeup for dark skin. Day and evening make-up step by stepMakeup for dark skin. Day and evening make-up step by step

Makeup for Dark Skin They are the most amazing available in drugstores and cosmetic stores. Color range primers, powder and rose is tailored to the needs of the dark and swarthy complexion. Find out how to choose the colors of makeup for dark skin.

How to choose makeup for dark skin? Primers, colors, shadows, lipsticks different from the intended Those for Slavic blondes.

Posiadaczki dark complexion They do not have any trouble finding the right cosmetics makeup. Offer bridge cosmetic companies in Poland is adjusted to a Slavic type of beauty with fair skin. Fortunately, with the entry into the Polish market new brands (especially the US) Expands range of colors. In extreme cases, powdered bronzer can be replaced without glitter.

Dark complexion women from southern Europe, the Middle East and Asia are Characterized by uniform color and a tendency wrinkles. Despite his young age they often look older than peers. Their makeup should add shine and skin radiance. In the case of an African-American situation is the opposite. Long they look young, while Their skin is often dull, and at the same time it tends oily.

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What makeup colors in darker skin?

It is better to give up the bright red rose and (especially in the mouth) to the dark complexion look tacky. A few simple rules very easy to choose the right color:

  • Fluid - It should be matched to the color of the neck. Will be appropriate Return shades of orange That visually warm up the complexion.
  • Powder - It May be a shade lighter than the foundation.
  • Rozświetlacz liquid or powder illuminating the temples in a bright shade is a must everyday makeup.
  • color pink, Which will highlight the beauty of dark skin and peach, orange and all shades of dark, cold pink.
  • Makeup for dark skin. Day and evening make-up step by step

  • Lipsticks and glosses - here comes more options colors: peach, apricot, beige, caramel, powder pink, dark red, crisp violet.
  • The colors of eye shadow - They must be selected to the color of the eyes, but in most cases will prove to earth tones, light brown, dark gold, khaki, navy blue, dark gray. You need to carefully work with very bright shadows, for example. Silver and black eyeliner better left for the evening, because with this type of skin. It provides very expressive, sexy look.
  • makeup eyebrows - You should use two shades of gray or colored pencils to avoid '' raven effect ''. Emphasize the darker it from the outside and from the inside brighter or not at all.
  • Bronzer - women with very dark skin bronzer can replace the classic black or dark gray eye shadow with light pigmentation.

Warning! For dark skin the more you will see streaks of fluid, so when you have to paint it accurately distribute a special brush or sponge to the sleepers in the fluid.


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Makeup step by step

Day make step by step - for dark complexion

  1. Eye makeup. Space under the eyebrow highlight orange or rozświetlaczem equalizer with a brush.
  2. The upper part of the eye shadow matte paint in the color of coffee with milk. The mobile part of the eyelid and lower eyelid and apply a matte shadow in muted peach color. You can line the lashes that emphasize metallic bronze. Twisting the mobile eyelid, select a dark orange shadow going slightly outward.
  3. Makeup eyelashes and eyebrows. Exactly wytuszuj eyelashes. Turn off the eyebrow pencil and mark them from the halfway toward the temple. Then, still drive a brush and even out the color.
  4. Makeup all over your face. It cleansed and moisturized skin, apply a primer in a way you like. Orange paint brightener ridge of the nose and forehead, under the eyes and the area of ​​the side edges of the lower jaw. Pat beauty emulsion blender. Apply powder, highlight cheekbones and pink peach. Mouth pulling "the fish" flick bronzer collapse from the ear to the middle of the face.
  5. Makeup paragraph. Mouth, paint gloss transparent or apricot lipstick.


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Makeup step by step

Evening make-up step by step - for dark complexion

  1. Apply eyelid colorless base. After 10 minutes, paint them beige shade, and the fold line is a shade stronger match the color of your eyes.
  2. The mobile part of the eyelid slowly Apply eyeliner gel using a flat brush. Ball or round rozblenduj eyeliner brush toward the eyebrows.
  3. Apply a brush and brown shadow still blenduj up. Try to get a uniform effect on both eyes.
  4. Outer corners sprinkle vivid shade of bright shades (orange, gold, green). If the shadow fell on the cheeks, These clean handkerchief.
  5. Inner corner of the lower eyelid and the waterline highlight the white crayon.
  6. Twill brush, apply to the lower lashes, graphite, navy blue or black eyeliner, starting from the outside of the eye. Rozblenduj, guided laterally upwards to connect with the notch Imposed shadow on the upper eyelid.
  7. Paint eyelashes, eyebrows and face like the instructions to make a living.
  8. Check the mouth purple lipstick or gloss caramel.

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