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MAKEUP SET on New Year’s Eve. How to make a fashionable red lips?

MAKEUP SET on New Year's Eve. How to make a fashionable red lips?MAKEUP SET on New Year's Eve. How to make a fashionable red lips?

Strongly underlined lips are an asset New Year's Eve makeup. They add character and make you feel feminine, like a femme fatale. Proper makeup mouth requires training, but the use of a few simple tricks will help you quickly Achieve a stunning effect full and voluptuous mouth.

Red makeup on New Year's Eve

Make a New Year's Eve It must be strong and vibrant, so the mouth should extend to the fore. Shiny or matte, bright or dark, the mouth must have a perfect contour. Shade of lipstick is also very important here to look classy, ​​not a caricature. Color must be deep, but you can not resemble nocturnal nightmares. Lipstick color to match your creations to the New Year's Eve or eye color.

How to paint lips on New Year's Eve?

  • Important is good contoured mouth. Stick to the principle That traces the contour of the upper upwards in July it corners of her mouth drooped and not always traces the line of the paragraph border.
  • lower in July outlines aligned with a line of dye, You do not leave the line, because it will look unnatural. Liner must be identical in color as the lipstick, Which will fill the mouth.
  • Use lipstick long life, because often you will eat and drink at parties, so it's easy to start color.
  • MAKEUP SET on New Year's Eve. How to make a fashionable red lips?

  • In this make-up do not use lip gloss, because the contour washed away and you can get a paragraph boundary curve.
  • A well-known trick for the long life of lipstick on the lips of the kiosks and then cover Earlier Their lipstick.
  • The rest of the makeup is delicate, slightly wytuszowane eyelashes and the white line on the lower eyelid (in the center of the eye), and background fogging and a smooth skin.

How permanent makeup mouth?

Source: youtube / maxineczka

5 rules for proper painting mouth

First - smoothing
Lipstick will adhere well to the mouth, if before makeup perish the skin of the lips peeling. Pat in no serum and then squeeze a little mouth with a tissue.

Second - database
You can extend the durability of makeup, Requiring little mouth flatting primer, the lipstick you paint them. Instead of backing the consolidation of makeup, you can use lip liner (in a shade similar to the lipstick color).

Thirdly - spread apart the lips before painting
Do not pull too hard mouth while painting, the pigment does not penetrate into the lipstick and July furrows. Just slightly part the lips.

Fourth - Use a brush to mouth
Figure paragraph will be more precise, when you perform using makeup brush. You can brush, the intensity of the color of lipstick.

Fifth - the trick with cigarette
Make paragraph to remain longer if after applying the first layer of lipstick, blot lips gently with a tissue and then nałożysz another layer of lipstick.


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