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MAKEUP – who fits purple makeup and how to perform it?

MAKEUP - who fits purple makeup and how to perform it?MAKEUP - who fits purple makeup and how to perform it?
Violet is the color of universal. Suitable for each color of the iris and stresses in every other way. It is the best companion looku evening. They put on violet image creators of fashion house Dior. So you do supermodny makeup in shades of violet.

Purple makeup fits virtually every iris. Beautifully enhance the color green, brown, dim, blue revive and give shine. It fits both brunettes, blondes and ruddy. brunettes It looks sexy blondes add character and sharpness, while others highlight auburn hair color. This is a make-up that best suits the evening - make-up artists know it, just proposing this color on New Year's Eve party. Beautifully presented on both tanned, olive skin, and the porcelain, almost white.

Matte violet eyes

It Achieve this you need a dark makeup, matte violet. Apply it to the entire surface of the movable shade bridge lay next to the lash line that enhance the color. The boundaries of the shadow rub it soften the makeup. As a result, the color changes from dark purple to a soft, almost pastel at the eyebrow. Trace the whole eye, only then you get a strong look. Additionally wytuszuj several times lower and upper lashes with black ink.

Chocolate-brown eyebrows

For better results underline the eyebrows chocolate brown (check with blonde or gray graphite). You get the so-called frame the eye, Which is an orderly, expressive makeup.

pale lips

MAKEUP - who fits purple makeup and how to perform it?This dark purple fit perfectly pale lips. You can also use shades of apricot, peach, burgundy and even on the evening installment. Bravely you can also be tempted to cotton candy pink.

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