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Mesotherapy hair – a modern tool in the fight against hair loss

Mesotherapy hair - a modern tool in the fight against hair lossMesotherapy hair - a modern tool in the fight against hair loss
One of the most effective and unfortunately most expensive hair loss treatments is mesotherapy hair with the use of platelet-rich plasma or stem cells taken from the patient's blood? What exactly is this treatment and for whom?

Mesotherapy hair with the use of stem cells is especially recommended for people with advanced baldness.

One of the most effective methods of stimulating strong growth and strong hair is mesotherapy. The treatment Consists of ostrzykiwaniu scalp Appropriate preparation, adapted to the needs of the patient. Injected under the skin of special cocktail containing vitamins, amino acids and trace elements can renew and regenerate weak, thin and gray hair. Cocktails with nourishing peptides, stimulating them to grow. As a result, hair Becomes stronger, reclaimed, thicker, denser, more moisturized and shiny. this results mesotherapy with cocktails were stable and visible, perform a series of 3-5 treatments at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Mesotherapy using platelet rich plasma

Mesotherapy using platelet-rich plasma therapy is Indicated for both the alopecia areata, and with hair extremely weak, strong Requiring nutrition. Obtained concentrate rich plasma from a patient's own blood. After local anesthesia of the scalp and blood sampling vacuum tubes for blood is subjected Centrifugation is a medical centrifuge. The Resulting platelet rich plasma will Stimulate follicles that produce new hair. The doctor pulls the preparation into a syringe and injected been the patient's scalp.

This is not a painless procedure, but short. A one-time visit takes 10 to 15 minutes. After one day no longer visible needle pricks and you can safely go to work. After mesotherapy platelet-rich plasma and regrow new hair stronger, there are also more than it was before - the one bulb grows more hair than they. As a result, the procedure Prevents hair loss and slows down the process of baldness. However, for the results you need to wait a bit, because the process of re-growth of new hair lasts 3 months. For best results it is advisable that perform a series of 3 treatments every two months.

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Mesotherapy stem cell

In contrast, in the case of mesotherapy using stem cells. It is Performed only once, and the effect is immediate. - Stem cells are collected from the patient's blood in a special separation process of stem cells. This is a very technologically advanced method, completely sterile and safe. Yes derived stem cells are Administered to the patient in order that Stimulate the cells of the skin and its appendages. Using this method is most appropriate Return for patients with advanced hair loss. During one of Dermatological study in Pennsylvania found That the subjects are not bald bald. How to explain it? Sometimes it seems that in a given spot on the head do not have hair, and in the meantime there are bulbs. Just give them the stimulation to grow up a new, strong hair - Explains Dr. Ursula Brumer from the Warsaw clinic Dr. Urszula Brumer Medicine Beauty.

Mesotherapy hair - a modern tool in the fight against hair lossMesotherapy treatment is currently the most effective non-invasive treatment for baldness. Stimulate Stem cells even dormant hair follicles that produce the renewal of cellular and are able that induce the formation of new hair follicles.

Who can undergo mesotherapy hair?

Mesotherapy treatment platelet-rich plasma and stem cells can undergo all except some people with vascular disease. In people with dry hindrance could be a problem with taking a Sufficient amount of blood needed for surgical procedures. This risk exists when the patient is weak and hidden veins. The blood of a patient can also have a very low concentration of stem cells, so it is not possible that Obtain adequate Quantities and execution mesotherapy using them.

How much is mesotherapy?

The cost of a single mesotherapy platelet-rich plasma in Polish offices it ranges from 800 up to 2,000 zlotys. In contrast, stem cells from it 8,000 12,000 zlotys.

How long do the results of mesotherapy?

It all depends on genetics and of ourselves. If you do not change your lifestyle, not Eliminate stress and eating habits do not change, both the issue of hair loss and weakened hair will return.

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