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Montignac diet – an important glycemic index products

Montignac diet - an important glycemic index productsMontignac diet - an important glycemic index products
Montignac diet It based on the assumption That the cause of obesity are carbohydrates Mainly Those That rapidly raise blood sugar levels. This diet can be recommended to anyone, because it contains all the essential nutrients and from time to time you can afford the little luxuries. Montignac diet Principles They are simple: do not count calories, eat enough to not feel hungry, respectively combine carbohydrates, proteins and fats, choosing products with a low glycemic index (GI).

michel Montignac, The author of this method, during the three months lost weight on your diets almost 15 kg. He was working in the scientific department of an American pharmaceutical companies and collected materials about the risk of developing diabetes. He knew that obese people have elevated insulin levels. This hormone produced by the pancreas cells that transmit part of the glucose (sugar) present in the blood. There it is used as a source of energy Necessary for life and burned. The rest of the sugar, insulin directs energy to the magazine, Which is fat. If blood sugar is still in excess, pancreas operates at high speed, because it has it produce more and more insulin. A more insulin is hitting more sugar is fat cells and ... more kilograms.

These nutrients in the digestive process Which give the sugar, it is carbohydrates. The main sources are foods of plant origin: vegetables, fruits, cereals. But also milk, because it contains sugar - lactose and galactose, and honey, Which Mainly Consists of glucose and fructose. Montignac reached With the studies Which shows conclusively That some carbohydrates cause a slight Increase in blood sugar, while others are very high. The former do not force the pancreas is the overproduction of insulin, THUS and not fattening. The latter, Causing large fluctuations in sugar, is conducive obesity and diabetes (blood glucose after eating is growing rapidly, but also quickly falls, and this makes us feel hungry and reach for another portion of food). Eg. If you eat 400 grams of lentils, your body will make it the potential sugar 80 calories. 300 g of potatoes is a sugar That gives four times as much energy (320 calories!).

Tested hundreds of foods, then assess Which have the ability to release glucose in the human body. They were used as a measure of the so-called. glycemic index (GI), Which Defines how to Increase blood glucose levels after ingestion of 50 g of the product. The IG is the lower, the less feed of the glucose goes into the blood. Montignac products divided into 3 groups: low, medium and high GI. Most preferred in the process of weight loss are Those with low GI.

Products banned in Montignac diet

The Montignac diet of prohibited products glycemic index (GI) greater than 50, for example. Potatoes (outside the young), white flour, corn, white rice, white bread, sugar, sweets, cakes, sweetened fruit preserves, honey, bananas, grapes, dried fruit, chips, beer. 

Warning! The glycemic index of the product with a small vary depending on the method of preparation, eg. A raw carrots IG 16, boiled - 47.

Products recommended in the diet Montignac

Foods rich in carbohydrates, the glycemic index Which does not Exceed 35:

  • VEGETABLES: eggplant, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beetroot (raw), onions, zucchini, chicory, endive, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots (raw), cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, turnips, radishes, lettuce, celery, scorzonera, sorrel, asparagus, spinach.
  • FRESH FRUIT: gooseberry, avocados, peaches, figs, grapefruit, pomegranate, pears, apples, blueberries, raspberries, passion fruit, apricots (as dried), mulberries, nectarines, oranges, red currants, plums, strawberries, cherries.
  • Plants: chickpeas, beans (all species), peas, green peas (fresh or frozen), lentils.
  • SEEDS AND CEREALS: amaranth, barley, almonds, seeds, linseed, sesame, poppy, sunflower, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, rice (only brown and wild), soybeans (Including tofu and milk).
  • OTHER: natural yoghurt, chocolate (bitter over 70 percent. Cocoa), bamboo shoots, mustard acute type Dijon, agave syrup, mushrooms.

Our food is not only carbohydrates, but they are the basis of the diet. Also important are the proteins and fats. The Montignac diet is a lot of them. 1/3 of your daily protein intake should Provide products, lean meat or dairy products and lean (this comes from cow's milk must be reduced to a minimum, because it contains a lot of sugars). Important in this regard are legumes. Protein is the building blocks for tissue and a source of energy. It provides a feeling of fullness and helps in weight loss. Fat is also Necessary, but only the one containing the valuable health omega-3 and omega-6. The Therefore eat dishes with olive oil or sunflower oil, but avoid butter and cream. Overeating and fatty fish. It has been proven That they reduce the cholesterol and protect the cardiovascular system.

Montignac diet: principle compounding important

That Montignac noted the etching process run more smoothly when in the meal are respectively Summarized carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Carbohydrates with a low GI is best eaten in the company of proteins. Radishes with lean curd, barley flakes with skim milk, green beans with turkey, lettuce with fish, peppers with homemade pate is the perfect statement. While the fruit is not advisable that combine with proteins and fats, because they will ferment in the stomach. The exception is strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and currants. Montignac advises to eat fruit on an empty stomach, preferably with a skin (sugars from the fruit eaten on an empty stomach are the most used, because after a night supplement glycogen needed for muscle and brain). That products provide a lot of fat can safely be Administered with protein and good carbohydrates, that is, Those with a GI below 35. In the Therefore eat a large portion of salmon with lettuce or cucumber, eggs with ham, spinach, but without bread, duck breast with cabbage, but never with noodles or potatoes.

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Montignac diet - an important glycemic index products

Montignac diet - rules

The Montignac diet allows only the products with the glycemic index below 50.
The first phase, That is, dropping excess weight. It should last not less than 2-3 months. Another objective of Phase I is a stabilize operation of the pancreas that produce insulin adequately RESPOND to the needs of - avoiding the stimulation, because this phase is more Restrictive.

  • Do not mix products with a high GI of fat in one meal.
  • You have a choice of two types of meals: a protein and carbohydrate-fat-protein. The first can enter the milk semi-skimmed milk, yogurt, fish, meats, meat and carbohydrate products of the IG equal to 35 or less. The second type of composing with skim milk, yogurt and GI carbohydrates is 50.
  • Do not leave any food, you eat a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner Delicate normal (at fixed times) from time to time tea. Do not you snack.
  • Care to eat daily 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you weigh 70 kg, you should eat 105 g protein, that eg. 10 grams of fat cottage cheese, 15 grams of cod, egg and 15 grams buckwheat.
  • The intervals between meals can not be shorter than 3 hours, the next dish containing fat you eat after 4 hours. Eat dinner later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • After the raw fruits you reach only half an hour before meals or 3 hours after (but not in the evening).
  • You buy only from durum wheat pasta (such a name search on the packages of noodles). You are making them so That they are al dente, ie cooked półtwardo. These traditional pasta and cooked a long time have a high glycemic index.
  • Bread (whole grain!) Just eat for breakfast.
  • Avoiding strong coffee, Which Promotes insulin secretion - one of the "hunger hormone".
  • You drink large Quantities of still mineral water between meals (approx. 2 liters per day).
  • With alcohol is allowed light dry wine with a meal. Never before!

The second phase, Maintaining or the Resulting weight. It is indefinite - its Recommendations should take to heart for a lifetime.

  • GI carbohydrates you eat no more than 50. Occasionally, you can afford it combine them with fats.
  • Once in a while you can eat a high glycemic index, but you have to make up a meal product with a very low GI, eg. The cooked potatoes add tomatoes or lettuce. Deviations for larger (eg. Family party with cake or pizza night) it is worth to come back for a day or two this phase I.

Who Montignac diet?

This diet for everyone. It gives good results, provided That they are not doing it from the Dérogations. Particularly it is suitable for people who are at risk for diabetes because it stabilizes glucose levels.

How much can you lose weight on a diet Montignac?

Montignac diet lose weight 1-2 kg per week, Which is a safe rate of weight loss, protecting against the effects of yo-yo. Temporarily stopping the weight during the diet are natural after a while start to fall again. The closer you correct weight, the rate of weight loss will be slower. Montignac diet you can lose weight beyond measure. According to the author, the body "know" how much should weigh.

If you want to try out the Montignac diet, and in recent months stosowałaś low-calorie diet, you should watch the calories and initially Gradually Increase Their number, an average of 100 calories every 5 days. You have to be patient, because the metabolism of small reduced weight slowly disappear.

Advantages Montignac diet

Necessary contains all the nutrients (Including also the first phase, and the Therefore can be used are of any length). It does not require fasting. You do not need to sacrifice the small pleasures - once a week, you can eat a few pieces of dark chocolate.

Disadvantages Montignac diet

It does not require counting calories, but it forces control the glycemic index, Which especially in the beginning can cause a little trouble.

Montignac diet sample menu

  • After waking, half an hour before breakfast: fruit (GI 50), a glass of still mineral water with lemon juice.
  • Breakfast: carbohydrates and a small amount of protein, e.g.,. 2 slices of wholemeal bread and 4 tablespoons of skim cottage cheese or onion and pepper.
  • Lunch: products rich in fat and protein, e.g.,. 50 g wild rice, 100g fried turkey breast on a spoonful of olive and cup yogurt.
  • Dinner: light, carbohydrate-protein-fat or protein, eg. Cod fillet with vegetables stewed in olive oil and half a cup of pasta al dente.

Good to know

Who is Michel Montignac?

His real name was Michel Geneviere. Author created his diet, use of articles in professional medical journals. In 1987. He published the book "How to eat to lose weight" - only in France has sold 2 million copies. And as many as 16 million in the world (it was translated into 40 languages). When, in 2010. Died of prostate cancer (he was 66 years), his daughter Sybille took over the promotion of world renowned method.

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