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On what kind of water to cook?

On what kind of water to cook?The benefits and safety - that's what is expected of food, Those who are truly Concerned about the health of loved ones and property. Of course, taste is also important, but the first two arguments to play a big role.

The Therefore, much attention is paid to the quality of water. For Those interested in water treatment, in we recommend you look at, but we will try to find out exactly what qualities are important to the water, where you will cook.

First of all it is Necessary That is understand the water That we used to call "raw" is not suitable for cooking. It contains a mass of chemical impurities added artificially, Including chlorine. All These impurities operate water disinfection function, and are designed to kill microbes.

However, for the human body, they are not harmless.

The Therefore, the same that you 'get water from the tap, except that you' can wash dishes, fruits and vegetables, but it can not be used for drinking and cooking. Rather, it is possible, but only after cleaning.

Those who cook in small Quantities, we can restrict the usual small pitcher filter. However, the maximum That he can give, - supply of water for drinking and cooking family of two people. If you have more - you should Consider broader measures of water purification. In this case, the flow filter Suitable Which is Directly mounted on the valve or cut into the water pipes.

This system allows you to get more water, and cleaning her better, than the average pitcher.
On what kind of water to cook?
Flow-through filters more expensive and are stationary, but the purified water from mechanical impurities in the form of rust particles and sand is removed biological particles, and along with chemical additives.

If you do not want to understand exactly what filters there are, and decide what is suitable for your family - choose bottled water, you can even set the house cooler, it's constantly have access to clean water.

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