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Diet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menuDiet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menu
volumetric diet (Also called volume) based on a selection of products depending on Their calorie. It is based on products containing a lot of water, so you can eat more, avoiding excess caloric. Importantly, experts believe the volumetric That diet is effective, safe, wholesome, and for that good for the heart. See, what are the Principles of volumetric diet, how much you can lose weight on it and sample the menu for the day.
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Essential Oils Dr. betaEssential Oils Dr. beta

Betamix Ti
It is a blend of natural essential oils with antibacterial and antygrzybicznym. Suitable for use in the bath in acne, sausages and compresses (in case of local inflammatory conditions, as well as an antibacterial agent and an antifungal cosmetic treatment - facial cleansing, peeling, etc.).

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