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Recipe for Irish Coffee Irish Cream and Coffee

Recipe for Irish Coffee Irish Cream and CoffeeContents: What is it the Irish coffee "Irish" Ware kofeTonkosti preparation napitkaRetsept preparing the classic Irish kofePonyatie "Irish Cream" kofeEtapy cooking?

What is it Irish coffee?

Irish coffee also has a second name "Irish coffee" is a cocktail comprising of Irish whiskey, sugar, whipped cream, hot strong coffee. The drink is very popular in many countries around the world. Who is the founder of Irish coffee? In 1942 the airport Foynes has accumulated a large number of people due it canceled flights.

The reason is not departure - bad weather, shivering crowd of Kuta as we could and hopefully waiting for changes in the weather conditions. Behind all this picture I watched the waiter, who offered the public a frozen coffee prepared by his own recipe (cream and Irish whiskey). Everyone who tasted the drink were very pleased. Passengers, finding he was asked the name of the coffee, that Which he replied "Irish".

After That Day of Irish coffee I found all over the world. To date, the airport has a plaque, Which were entered the history of a piece of a beverage.

Utensils for "Irish" coffee

As the utensils used a small circle with a handle and a short stem. Why this glass? Quite simply, this design makes it possible to keep the temperature of the drink, and it does not burn your fingers. Before you pour into a glass of freshly made coffee, it properly burned with boiling water. Previously, dry dishes were used for beer, but on the day did not have the desired circles the bartender.

Today, the Therefore, such a glass is called "the Irish-glass."

Subtleties beverage preparation

As you know, everyone is ready to Irish coffee on your individual prescription, it is not surprising That the drink has one name, but a completely different flavor characteristics. However, experts hold kofevary single recipe, Which is Considered the official and was nominated Bartenders Association.

Recipe for a classic Irish coffee

To make it, we need The Following ingredients:

water - 100 ml

whiskey - 30 ml (2 tablespoons, the rate of 1 tablespoon holds 15 ml.).

coffee beans - 4-5 teaspoons,

sugar - 1 teaspoon,

whipped cream - 30-40 ml

20% cream drinking - 5-6 teaspoons (For Those who do not like whipped cream).

cooking stages

1. The first thing to make coffee. In a coffee grinder to grind it thoroughly Pulverized state 4 teaspoons of coffee beans. Approximately grinding duration is 1 minute.

2. Measure out 100 ml of water, mixed with milled coffee and set on fire. Cook on low heat so the coffee is cooked, but not "brew", many admit That mistake. It is enough to bring to a boil and remove from heat.

3. Take the cup and boiling water is poured abruptly reserve a couple of minutes to wall properly warmed dishes.

That only 4. Pour coffee and add 1 teaspoon of sugar. All is well mixed.

5. Measure out 2 tablespoons of whiskey and add coffee.

6. Make a beautiful snow-white cap of whipped cream. Who does not like whipped cream, can be replaced by ordinary drinking. Pour into a deep bowl and whisk cream using a blender or mixer for 1-2 minutes to Obtain foam.

Remove the foam from the top and decorate its surface coffee. The beverage is ready.

The concept of "Irish Cream" Coffee

This is another kind of Irish coffee, but with a more delicate flavor. This kind of hot drink is no less popular because it includes liqueur "Baileys" which so many women love. That it is believed coffee liqueur imparts a delicate flavor with a pleasant aroma of cream. To make it, we need The Following lists of ingredients:

water - 100 ml

-3-4 teaspoons of coffee beans,

cane sugar - 1 teaspoon,

Whipped cream - 25-30 ml

dark chocolate - 2 teaspoons,

liquor "Bailey" - 40 ml.

cooking stages

1. Measure out 3 teaspoons of coffee beans in the grinder, and load. We grind it follows That the output will get "coffee powder".

2. The coffee mix Obtained in Turku with cold water and set on fire, stirring periodically and. Bring to a boil and turn off again stir and reserve on a plate.

3. If there are special dishes dry as "Irish - glass", then great. But it is possible and other dishes, for example, a porcelain cup. Pour hot boiling water several times and pour the prepared coffee.

4. Take 1 teaspoon of cane sugar and dissolve in the coffee. If there is no sugar, then we take the usual and fry in a pan until golden state.

5. Measure out 3 tablespoons of liqueur and add to the center of the coffee, stir well.

6. The surface of the coffee decorate with whipped cream at its discretion.

7. grater rub chocolate and sprinkle with coffee, about 2 teaspoons. OPTIONALLY, you can add and more.

OPTIONALLY you can add cinnamon, vanilla, and instead of the "Beilis" usually we creamy syrup. Avid gourmet coffee are given the opportunity to visit the Foynes Airport in Ireland July 19, where the competition for the preparation of Irish coffee. On the feast attracts bartenders from around the world.

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