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Recipes for homemade cosmetics – Home solutions

Recipes for homemade cosmetics - Home solutionsRecipes for homemade cosmetics - Home solutions

lemon bath
components:2 lemons
Execution:Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and then pour into the tub
action:This bath stimulates your senses

rose bath
Components Rose petals, rose oil
Execution: For hot water in the bath, add rose petals, you can also add a few drops of rose oil.
action:This bath will relax you and give your skin smoothness

bath mint

components:6 mint tea bags or loose and 12 grams
Execution:Brew tea with half a liter of water, wait 10 minutes until the tea is a brew. Ready to brew pour hot tubs
action:This bath has a refreshing, pobudzające.Oczyszcza also pores

Forest with bath ,, "

components:150 grams of pine needles
Execution:Needles are overlaid with 2 liters of cold water, heated it simmer for 30 minutes. Ready to brew you have to strain and pour into the bath.
action:This bath is recommended for people Primarily przeziębionych and zakatarzonych. It has warming properties, also freed from the cold

oil bath

components:5-6 tablespoons of oil with sweet tonsils
Execution:Hot water, add oil
action:This bath moisturize your skin, most suitable for Those with very overdried

Antiacne herbal bath

Recipes for homemade cosmetics - Home solutionsHerbs added to the bath not only have a relaxing effect and is refreshing but also healing. Properly selected and mix Their regular use will help alleviate the issue is not one. I recommend it to people who face this problem. Not pleasant small pimples because Appear not only on the face but often and shoulders or back.
components: Prepare the 2 tablespoons (optional you can add more or less) herbs: thyme, peppermint, linden flowers
Execution:With the infusion of herbs are prepared. Pour about it, half a liter of boiling water and infuse the Strain and pour into the tub Directly
action: Acne soothes, refreshes, disinfects, relaxes

Bath with oat straw

components:50 g of oat straw (available in herbal stores). OPTIONALLY, you can add: wheat bran, horsetail herb, chamomile, pine or spruce needles
Execution: Straw shrouded put into the large pot (preferably a 5 liter) and overlaid with 5 liters of water, boil for about half an hour. Decoction pour into a warm bath.
Action : Treatment with straw oatmeal bath should take 10-15 baths (used in two days apart) This bath has a lot of properties and Those operating in the beauty and the good for our health, here are some examples of her action: Soothes chronic gynecological diseases, helps urolithiasis, renal diseases, parasitic diseases (pinworms), diabetes, rheumatism, sciatica and shoulder, osteoporosis, helps with insomnia, reduces excessive sweating, strengthens the skin, used Exclusively for the foot bath it helps relieve heel spurs

Maślankowo bath - olive

components: Olive oil, 3 liters of buttermilk
Execution: Prior is a whole-body bath in olive oil and anoint pour into hot tubs 3 liters of buttermilk.
action:This bath is ideal for dry skin care