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Recipes for homemade cosmetics – Recipes for face masks

Recipes for homemade cosmetics - Recipes for face masksRecipes for homemade cosmetics - Recipes for face masks

The mask of sauerkraut

Ingredients: A handful of sauerkraut.

Execution: A handful of sauerkraut split on the face and neck, then narywamy wet compress, would not Suwała. We keep on the face for about 20 minutes.

Action: This refreshes the face mask and reduce enlarged pores

Honey gel tension

Ingredients: 3.5 of gelatin, 30 g of rose water, 20 g of distilled water, 10 g of honey

Wykonie gelatin and 10 g of rose water bring to the boil until the mixture is completely Dissolved (Gradually water is added), the second dissolve honey pot with distilled water. Both mixture was then siphoned off. When the mass thickens and become gelatinous consistency we put a thin layer on a face wash for 30 minutes in cold water.

Operation: The specified amount of gel is reusable Top and then store it in the fridge to heating in boiling water before use. This mask Tightens and strengthens the skin ideal for the elderly. As well as on any other type of skin.

herbal mask
Ingredients: 2 or Table 3 teaspoons of curd, a handful of chopped parsley

Execution: The cottage cheese, add chopped green parsley and stir. We applied on the face and cover gas kompresikiem curd to be sliding off.

Action: The best mask for damaged skin, is prone irritation. Calming and refreshing.

peach mask

Ingredients: 1 peeled and diced peach, bit body cream

Performance: Peaches crushed to a pulp and add to the cream so as not to have too much of pouring consistency. Applied on the skin of the face and neck, covering a wet compress. Ciepłom wash off with water after about 20 minutes.

Action: It has a refreshing and smoothing effect. It can be used on any skin type

Mask of lettuce
Ingredients: Several large leaves of lettuce, olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice

Execution: The leaves of lettuce and wash thoroughly filtered from the water. We plunged in olive oil and then condenses a bit of lemon juice. We put on a face covering moist compress. We take off lettuce leaves after about 25 minutes and a wash water ciepłom face.
Recipes for homemade cosmetics - Recipes for face masks
Action: It refreshes and calms the skin.

Mask with cream and honey

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of curd tablespoon of honey, tablespoon cream

Execution: Mix all the ingredients being mixed together until a creamy consistency. We applied on the face and neck and wash off after 15 minutes

Action: Cleansing and smoothing. You can be used for all skin types

The mask of wheat flour

Ingredients: A little wheat flour, mlekom, honey.

Execution: flour triturated with hot milk and honey heated until a thick paste. We give the right proportions discretion. We put a thick layer on the face and neck. After 15 minutes Rinse in the warm milk.

Action: This mask will nourish and smooth your complexion. Top skin is mixed