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Review of cosmetics Senelle

Review of cosmetics SenelleReview of cosmetics Senelle

Price 119 zł Click here to read the composition and to learn more about cosmetic
My opinion

I often resort to all sorts of facial serums. This more intensive facial care for young mothers is very useful. She admits not every day that I reach for face cream-often courted him forget the post. Facial Serum is a cosmetic, however, that I use regularly.
A moment of the evening relaxing with facial oil, Which not only nourishes but also helps alleviate the stress of the day, it is very important to me.
When I could get my hands on oil These serums, I liked him from the first use. Starting from the beautiful packaging, the bottle praktycznymdrewnianym stand on the original layout. Has a pleasant smell, slightly floral with a touch of mystery with a very well-balanced intensity.

Using it - first class! I Know That sounds like an advertisement on TV. But I can not otherwise express about this cosmetic. Literally just a few drops to the glow and complexion took regained vigor. The skin is extremely smooth and pleasant to the touch. Is there a more ujędrniona- so! Silently, it also tried out in the area of ​​the breast where the well fulfills its operation.
Do not be fooled by the small capacity, cosmetic itself is very efficient and even though I use it often still have it a lot. For a summary I can confidently say That this is one of the best facial serums That've been using. Same composition and quality speak for themselves. I think it is worth the money.

Smoothing Face Scrub

Price 59 zł Click here to read the composition and to learn more about cosmetic
My opinion
I scrub-half maniac, in the era of ever-trendier enzyme peels still reach for the traditional drills. Why? Because I love the feeling of massage and tingling ,, "skin after a few minutes of massage.
That I can guarantee this scrub Particular favorites will gain not only strong but delicate zdzieraków. Used dry, really fun scratching. Wet gaining a lot of delicacy.
Applied to the skin, from the beginning of her little white, nutrients contained in it soften the cuticle. Dry skin, disappear after the first use! Visibly The skin is nourished, smooth and soft to the touch.
Review of cosmetics SenelleI do not use it every day peeling, my skin is enough 1-2 times a week, serving the specific material removal and skin nutrition. Very well with the above serum to your face.
This is a nice efficient cosmetic composition and good action. Its effect is in my opinion more than the nutritional cleansing. Will write to possession of a dry skin with a tendency that excessive keratosis her up.

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Price 69 zł Click here to read the composition and to learn more about cosmetic
My opinion
At the end of body lotion, Which, unfortunately, I soon wanes. It has a very light texture That is slippery and quickly spread on the skin. Despite the lightness, specifically moisturizes the skin. That you could say it is perfect for summer.
Balsam is a nifty basis for daily skin care. Accordingly it moisturizes, providing a feeling of comfort for the whole day. Typically, it is used in the evening after a bath, as provided by the manufacturer. And I happen it and also be used in the morning. Its effects are satisfactory and use it for this time of year, not looking for anything stronger. We liked the use of this balm has the same fragrance note cosmetics as the rest of this series. Scent lasts long enough for the skin, and here I preferred the somewhat less intensity.
Are cosmetics Senelle Fulfilled my expectations?
Yes! Cosmetics are of very good quality with cool warehouses. I wonder Whether the brand will also introduce a series of cosmetics in other seasons. I would recommend! Of the three, this serum to your face has become my favorite.

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