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Set for the tea ceremony – video, photo basic elements

Set for the tea ceremony - video, photo basic elementsTraditions associated with tea are extremely important for all Chinese people. To date, the tea ceremony at a solid pace gaining popularity in Eastern and Western Europe. For the ceremony, as important as the pleasant atmosphere, special music and, of course, utensils for the tea ceremony.

There is a letter of Certain dishes, Which is designed for the Chinese tea ceremony.

What is included in the core set for tea ceremony

1. Kettles

They come in different shapes and sizes, preferably made of red clay. The size varies from the amount of tea parties. For each of teas made to have a separate kettle.

Look interesting video production of the unique Yixing teapot, Which has a hexagonal shape.

2. Cups

To carry out the Chinese tea ceremony are needed cups of different sizes, colors and

forms. All parameters depend on the purpose of the ceremony and preferences. There are different kinds of cups. For example, in the north of the country of the rising sun drinking tea from a large cup with lid and handle.

Directly tea is brewed into the cup. In southern China Decided to use a cup-gai wan, consisting of a deep saucer, small bowls and cover for her. There is also a special tea pairs, Including a small bowl and cups taller, called Wen-hsiang Bay.

The latter is the intended for a sense of the flavor of tea.

3. Cha-hee

This elongated vessel shaped like a milk jug, they take tea from the tea boxes. The forms that allows you measure the right amount of tea leaves. Its name literally translates as tea sea.

Passing each other, participants the ceremony THUS acquainted with tea, treat it and inhale the fragrance.

4. Chatszyuy

Is the common name of tea auxiliary tools. Most often, they are stored in a special wooden jug. This set includes:

Chatszan - needle to clean the teapot spout.

Tszyatszy - wood nutcracker hot cups, and for removing tea leaves.

Chachi - wooden spoon spilling tea caddy from (Chaeguan) in Chah.

Chasyanlo - funnel for sleep tea kettle into the narrow opening.

5. shepherds

Another important element of the tea set for the ceremony - it's tea board or shepherds. It put cups and teapot. The board also used to drain the water.

Tea ceremony calms and soothes the human, harmonizing his inner world. It will help you relax after a hard day's work and relax mentally.

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