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Shampoo and ampoules Rinfoltil Espresso for the growth of hair and Strengthening

Shampoo and ampoules Rinfoltil Espresso for the growth of hair and StrengtheningNow you can buy espresso and a pharmacy. However, this is no ordinary coffee, and shampoo and ampoules for the Strengthening and growth of hair with caffeine - Rinfoltil Espresso. Caffeine is a natural potent stimulator of hair growth, and palmetto berry extract of Serenoa repens Relates to a class of phyto-inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase.

However, the shampoo components and ampoules Rinfoltil Espresso complement one another and enhance the efficiency of treatment of hair loss and baldness.

The hair is naturally programmed dying, Rinfoltil Espresso helps to return to the active growth. The drug reduces the amount of DHT in the scalp, this is toxic to the hair and reduces the susceptibility of the hair follicles to the action of the hormone. Hair follicles are restored, the hair back to life and begin to grow.

Caffeine, on the results of research scientists, Increases hair growth, Regardless of the action of hormones (androgenetic alopecia) and helps healthy hair to be even stronger and thicker. What is important, the positive effect of caffeine on the growth of hair and Strengthening Occurs only when applied externally.

Rinfoltil Espresso Shampoo pH-neutral and soft, suitable for everyday use. It does not contain aggressive cosmetic additives, it cleans the scalp and is an excellent remedy for hair loss prevention. Rinfoltil Espresso in ampoules leaves no traces after drying the hair, has a light floral scent.  

It IDENTIFY the problems and the state of the hair and scalp, you can see a specialist, as a dry Aida beauty salon. Small you need to hold courses on the treatment and care of hair. Schedule a call in a beauty salon.

In good for better penetration of active ingredients to a head massage with use of professional equipment: Klimazon or vaporizer.

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