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Sponge cake with coffee cream – recipe with photos

Sponge cake with coffee cream - recipe with photos

Sponge cake with coffee cream, the recipe with a photo is described in great detail, for the sweet tooth, and the coffee. Instant coffee is added and biscuit dough for cakes, cream and oil, Which Will cover the top of the cake. A layer made of cherry jam it to the cake not turned a sickly-sweet.

But you can sandwiched cream cakes, there's a matter of taste.

Sponge cakes are sure to soak the syrup, then the cake will not dry, the cake will be the best of damp, but not wet. Sour-sweet syrup for impregnation can be boiled out of the water, with the addition of sugar syrup thick cherry jam or use cherry juice and sugar. In general, we get a very tasty and very coffee-aroma.

Ingredients for sponge cakes:

- flour - 120 g;

- eggs - 4 pieces (large);

- sugar - 1 cup;

- instant coffee - Article 1.5. spoons;

- fine salt - pinch.

For the coffee-oil cream:

- butter - 200 g;

- sugar - 2/3 cup (to taste);

- cognac or rum, whiskey - 1.5 tsp ;.

- vanilla sugar - 1 package;

- instant coffee - 2 tbsp. spoon.

For layer-impregnation:

- cherry jam - 5-6 Art. spoons;

- Water - 0.5 cups;

- Sugar - 4 tbsp. l (to taste);

- syrup cherry jam - it's taste.

Separate the yolks and whites. Immediately pour half a cup of sugar to the egg yolks in a bowl with proteins add a pinch of salt and the remaining sugar.

Beat yolk mass is whitening and Dissolution of the sugar grains. In order not to overload the mixer, first whisk at medium speed, then, as the sugar Dissolution Rate Increase. As a result, it should get a thick fluffy mass of pale cream color.

Proteins whisk in the same way: at first at a medium speed, and then Increasing it. When sugar dissolves poorly, leave for a few minutes, and then continue to beat until soft peaks form.

Sift flour two or three times in the mixing bowl for comfortable, broad, with high walls.

Adding instant coffee, it is better to take small, in the powder.

Mix the flour with the coffee shift the flour mixture in the beaten egg yolks with sugar and protein mass. Very carefully, hooking the bottom up toward the middle of the wall, all in the mix until uniform.

It was not very thick, lush creamy, uniform in color and consistency. The mold (split) 22 cm in diameter. Lined baking paper. Grease with butter paper.

Pour biscuit dough.

Gently rocking shape distribute the dough evenly to the edges to the middle of the crest was unsuccessful.

Put in the oven (in pre-warmed to 180 degrees). Bake biscuit without opening the oven for 30 minutes, in any case not shumim and do not slam the door - biscuit dough is quite capricious, and settle small. Half an hour later, you can open up the door and quickly check the wooden skewer on the willingness - if out of a dry sponge, turn off the fire. Subject molds in the oven for 10-15 minutes. After a short rest, take out the biscuit, the release from the mold.

The shift in lattice reserve for several hours to dry (at least two hours, until cool).

When the cake has cooled down and the sludge can be taken for the preparation of the coffee cream. Softened butter room temperature, cut into slices and spread in a tall glass. Beat with a mixer with no added sugar.

Not long before the pumps.

Mix half of the sugar with the vanilla sugar and instant coffee. The rest of the sugar will be added in the process of whipping, Focusing on the desired sweetness of the cream.

It's better Dissolved coffee, moisturize the mixture with water (a little, a tablespoon is enough). We spread the whipped butter, continuing to whisk it, Gradually podsypaya remaining sugar, bring the cream to the desired taste.

As a natural flavor in the process and add whipping cream or brandy brandy, rum. Beat cream coffee and oil until the sugar dissolves (you can do this in two or three divided dawek). Ready cream with brandy, leave at room temperature, it should be soft, airy and lie evenly on shortcakes.

The cooled cake with a knife cut into two halves (or three cake - see the situation). Water, sugar syrup and cherry cakes cook for impregnation (All mix, boil and allowed to cool for 2-3 minutes). Ostyvshim impregnate syrup cakes, give soak for 15-20 minutes.

One cake (lower) cover of cherry jam thick layer Approximately make a centimeter in height.

Cover with second Korzh. With the help of a spatula or a pastry cutter with a flat blade cover top and sides biscuit and coffee butter cream. In this preparation and assembly of the cake is finished, it is Necessary that decorate it.

For decoration you can use the pounded biscuit, biscuit cutter (crushed in a meat grinder or blender), chocolate chips. Recipe sponge cake decorated with coffee cream biscuit crumbs and powdered sugar (sprinkled through a screen). Ready coffee and sponge cake you need to soak up and stand in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours, but it is better to withstand the night. Cut the portions and serve with a cup

Author Elena Litvinenko (Sangin)

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