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Symptoms of caffeine overdose

Symptoms of caffeine overdoseCaffeine (in Latin Caffeine) - is an alkaloid contained in coffee seeds (about 1-2%), tea leaves (about 2%), cola nuts. It is easily soluble in hot water, and sparingly soluble in alcohol.  

The mechanism of action of caffeine

When caffeine enters the body, it begins that mimic the action of adenosine neurohormone. He just Causes drowsiness by slowing down nerve impulses. Caffeine produces blocking adenosine receptors Which are found in the brain and in other organs. He imposes a ban on the relationship of These bodies with this substance.

This it achieves Increase the reaction rate, Increase the attention and relaxation suppressant. Caffeine produces Effectively stimulating hormone epinephrine release. Due adrenaline, there is an Increase in heart rate, Increased pressure to the muscles and Increased blood flow, as well as provoked by intake of glucose in the blood from the depot in her liver. Through the influence of caffeine Increases the level of a neurohormone dopamine in the brain, Which is Responsible for the feeling of happiness and well-being.

A caffeine addiction is due to lift the mood and feeling of cheerfulness.

What amount of caffeine will not harm?

Safe caffeine dose is 300 mg per day. If translate in the dosage amount of drinking coffee. It will be three to four small (150 ml) cup of strong coffee. Do not exaggerate the dose even if you drink coffee with milk. But the must-Remember That the caffeine content in different varieties of tea, chocolate and coffee is different. Some people have an affection for caffeine and 100 mg of the substance apr have an adverse effect on his body.

For human lethal dose is from this that twenty grams. But the abuse of caffeine die is difficult. For the death of a man Whose weight is about 70-80 kg, it is a Necessary Immediately treat 100 cups of coffee.

symptoms of overdose

It is very easy to IDENTIFY. Symptoms: headache, thirst, nausea, dizziness, tremor, cramps in the stomach and intestines, diarrhea, frequent urination, insomnia, heart palpitations, and anxiety Increased. An overdose of caffeine can Occur even with the use of products containing this substance.

This small beige and chocolate, and products containing it.

Which Increases sensitivity is caffeine

Sensitivity and affection for caffeine Increases with age.

It's him women are more sensitive than men.

Reduced weight also Increases sensitivity is caffeine.

Caffeine is a drug?

If you regularly consume in excess, it will cause addictive as caffeine is a stimulant. In the world it is often called "the most popular legal drug." If you suddenly stop drinking caffeinated beverages, then it can cause withdrawal symptoms. By drinking large amounts of caffeine Increase the chances of developing unpleasant syndromes. After 12-14 hours after ingestion of energy drink or coffee cups, begin initial signs "coffee withdrawal."

That symptoms indicate a dependence on caffeine: irritability, headaches, chills, depression, constipation, drowsiness, trouble concentrating. These symptoms indicate That your body is already accustomed that caffeinated beverages because you drink a lot of them. Specialists in this case, it is advised to reduce significantly the adoption of caffeine or did refuse it.


Caffeine is a natural stimulant, through which you can get rid of drowsiness and cheer. But it is Necessary to know the measure of the whole. For each person should have Their optimum dose, Which does not lead this unpleasant symptoms of the body and the body will not get used to this substance.

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