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The caffeine content in tea and coffeeSo look painted kristallykofeina under an electron mikroskopomKofein is a purine alkaloid. It is present in the chemical composition of plants as dry cocoa tree, in tea leaves in guarana, cola, mate, as well as in some parts of the coffee tree. Plants caffeine Necessary for protection against pests, Which Their feed on leaves.

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The healing properties of coffeeCoffee not only has an excellent flavor and aroma, but also has many useful properties, Including cosmetics. For example, green coffee beans is highly regarded pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry because it contains special substances That Contribute is slowing down the aging process.

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Benefits and harms of green teaHarm and benefits of green tea Began to find out more from the date of his arrival in China. These Disputes continue it this day. Since then, as the ancient Chinese first tried to pour boiling water over a green leaf camellia bush, hundreds of years have passed. But the love of green tea was able to step over the # 171; Great Wall of China # 187; and go around the world.

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