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Cottage cheese and coffee mousse

Delicious dessert - it is always a worthy end of a dinner party or romantic dinner. That is perhaps why Filing dessert paid so much attention - after all if the "last chord" will not produce the desired impression, then everything else will not be as bright and unusual. Cottage cheese mousse and coffee is one of Those That recipes-snag at low financial costs and time look as if you conjured more than an hour on it.

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Tiramisu curd: recipe

Tiramisu - a very tasty delicacy, but the price is expensive, and the Therefore not always and not everyone has the opportunity to buy cream cheese mascarpone, from the cream Which is made for this dessert. As always rescued savvy and our ability to get out of any situation, cleverly substituting more expensive products readily available ingredients. We offer you to cook tiramisu curd.

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Cheese and coffee. Recipe

Cheese Coffee - an interesting recipe and cooked on Which drink you can taste the full flavor of coffee with rich creamy taste. And it is not the third dish, served with cheese and beverage, namely coffee, Which of these ingredients is the cream cheese. Cheese Coffee has a rich flavor and high calorie, so it is perfect for a light breakfast.

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What can replace the mascarpone tiramisu in a recipe or cottage cheese mascarponeClassic multi-layered Italian dessert tiramisu is made up of mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs, sugar and biscuits savoiardi. Recipe adapted and often used in its manufacture products That are easier to find in stores. So cookies savoiardi replaced with biscuit, coffee impregnation he or alcoholic fruit.

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