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Cocktail Diet, or how to lose weight, drinking vegetable cocktailCocktail Diet, or how to lose weight, drinking vegetable cocktail
Cocktail diet It is nutritious, healthy, cleanses the body and helps you lose excess weight. The feed in the diet are vegetable cocktails - with carrots, beets and tomatoes. Thanks to them for sure you Provide the body with many essential vitamins and trace elements.
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Alcoholic cocktail with coffee

One Saturday night they came to me unexpected guests, and, of course, not with empty hands, they brought with them a very interesting protein drink liquor "lawyer". And we surprise, drink it and there is nothing not to be confused simply impossible, because it is very thick and very sweet, because I and my guests Decided this experiment a bit. Taking a few Compositions, invented in a scrumptious low-alcohol drink, Which recipe I want to share with you.

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This cocktail is cooked very simply, the best available ingredients needed for it. This, as well as a pleasant taste make it an excellent option for a holiday table, and for a party, and for a romantic dinner by candlelight alone. Of course, in the latter case it is Necessary to tell your name the second half of the cocktail is the situation add even more romance.

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Diet Cocktail BODY RESET - Principles, effects, regulationsDiet Cocktail BODY RESET - Principles, effects, regulations
body Reset this diets, Which are based on nutritious cocktails. It helps to reset the metabolism, then it was easier to drop more weight and not gain weight. Effect? Within 15 days you can lose weight without counting calories 23 kg. Check the rules of the diet cocktail Body reset and try slimming recipes for cocktails.
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