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What is Green CoffeeThe extract of green coffee - it's the latest craze of people who want to lose weight. On it it is written and narrated many true stories and is Composed of more myths. Unfortunately, due to the fraudulent actions of the cunning and honest businessmen, many people are disillusioned with the positive properties of green coffee and do not believe that you 'can actually lose weight with its help.

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Calorie recipes and coffee with sugar and milkThere are many variations of coffee with sugar and milk. Basically, drinking coffee THUS made in the Old World countries, where it Became widely used only in the 17th century. Since sugar and milk significantly soften the bitter taste and sharp enough Europeans prefer a coffee drink.

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Coffee French-PressThe classic recipe for espresso coffee brew it Means in Cezve or otherwise - in Turk. But if you do not have dry dishes or just do not want to watch effervescent coffee That he had not fled to a clean surface of the plate, you can brew coffee in a french press. The process of making coffee in French-Press is simple and will not take you much time.

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