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Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee - a warming drink, invented more than half a century ago, the chef of the restaurant, located in the building "Foynes" airport, to warm the shivering passengers. That this day, this drink is very popular, there is a considerable number of recipes and in Ireland a festival is held every year, dedicated to the "Irish Coffee".

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Coffee "Mocha" is linked by invisible bonds with a small Yemeni port of Mocha in the Red Sea, Which comes from the name of this drink. After all, there Began to grow coffee trees, So THAT Europeans had the opportunity to know the taste of Arabic coffee, the well-known varieties of Mocha. Coffee "Mocha" coffee latte is a type consisting of a chocolate syrup, milk and coffee, with a final note in the form of fluffy foam of whipped cream and grated chocolate or cinnamon.

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