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Irish coffeeIrish coffee - Irish That is a drink is made from hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and topped with whipped cream. This coffee has long become popular not only in Ireland but throughout the world. There is nothing surprising, since this drink is like nothing better to warm the cold winter evening, and gives pleasure. Irish coffee is the inventor Dzho Sheridan, who worked in one of the Irish airports chef. This airport was visited by many American tourists, but it was difficult to adapt to the cold weather conditions in the country.

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Fancy coffee recipesCoffee - a drink, Which is the most popular worldwide. But sometimes annoying to drink the classic coffee, so coffee unusual recipes will be relevant | at any time. There are a large number of coffee recipes. These drinks are delicious, fragrant and give vitality throughout the body. Coffee for many in our time has become an attribute of a great start to the day.

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Viennese coffeeThat Austrians believe they have opened across Europe this drink, like coffee, but that's not entirely true, because the history of this drink originates from Venice, which had a good geographic location. Traders very successfully did business with all countries. That the Inhabitants of Venice were the first Europeans to try coffee. But this drink was lost among the other exotic goods.

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Amaretto coffeeIn the cold season so I want to keep warm fragrant and delicious beverage. There are many recipes Amaretto coffee, but, first of all, need to prepare espresso coffee in Turku, and only then to add to it a variety of spices and additives. Before mix coffee with additives Necessary to wait until the coffee has cooled slightly.

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