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The volume of a coffee cup

For dozens of coffee and coffee cocktails recipes require special cookware to help the drink to reveal their best features. The range of dishes varies from very tiny cups are roomy glasses. Believe me, the waiters at the café serving crammed rules not to confuse visitors, and solely for your pleasure.

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How to brew coffee properly

Why is it so happened That the very process of preparing flavored drink is often called the "make coffee". Such a title is fundamentally not true, because coffee is not brewed and brewed. This definition Implies That the preparation of the water should not boil. Professional baristas Know That boiling kills the taste of the drink, and the Therefore never bring it up to 100 ° C temperature. The most optimal temperature for brewing coffee, In Which will be more fully Expressed in the taste and flavor of the finished drink - is 96-98S.

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How to brew coffee without the Turks

If the house does not have a coffee maker or the Turks, but it is very much like a cup of organic coffee, then the question arises: "how to make coffee without the Turks?". It's very simple, you can make coffee in the common cup, a small saucepan or in the microwave. The main thing with this - it is adhere Certain rules of preparation of the drink.

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