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What serves coffee in different countries?Make coffee CORRECTLY - this is certainly an art. However, coffee drinkers know for sure: in addition to the proper preparation, it is also important and correct supply of the beverage. After all of it often depends on perception, aroma and taste of coffee that you 'drink.

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Coffee cups: what are they?Types and methods of brewing coffee, there is not even dozens - hundreds. Of course, it would be wrong assert That is every recipe calls for his, special dishes for feeding. However, differences in the dishes, Which serve different kinds of coffee, is still there. They were formed a long time, and are perfectly Justified if a closer look at the history and take into account the prescriptions.

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Secrets and recipes for brewing coffee in the cupIt does not always have the opportunity that truly make coffee, and the coffee machine does not recognize it. For Those brewing methods, described below, special tools are not required. We just need to buy a coffee, of course, the highest quality, to get hot water and your favorite mug.

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Coffee etiquette and nicetiesThere is such a version of the guests lounge where black coffee, if it has no grounds, it is fed into the already diffuse cup and saucer. In this case, the very cup to put before the guest need so That its handle was deployed on the left side, and the handle of a spoon lying on a saucer and sent to the right when viewed from the guest. A cup of coffee should be removed from the pallet with his right hand and is Supplied to the right of the guest.

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