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Ristretto coffee - an exquisite breath of pleasureIf you say: "The strong organic and refreshing drink with a rich taste and aroma," that we are talking about ristretto coffee. Ristretto coffe drink they called gulp, because it is cooked in a small amount of water and milled beans measure used is the same.

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Freeze-dried coffee Which Means unlike granulatedCompare freeze-dried instant coffee powder and pointless. It differs from the ground price, production method, taste and aroma. Lack of time and permanent employment leads to the fact That preference is given to exactly soluble variant, because to cook it much easier and faster.

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Granulated coffee: unlike freeze dried, which is better to chooseInstant Freeze Dried Coffee managed to win the most popular in popularity. Morning awakening, many people held under the cup of coffee. High demand for instant drink is explained very simply. He's quick and easy to prepare.

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Espresso its types and the best recipes for homeToday, anyone can prepare aromatic espresso Directly in your kitchen, because the new coffee machine and a variety of its types allows it to do at home without difficulty. But, starting to drink brewing, in the must remember That it is not only a very strong, he is ready for a well-defined rules.

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Raf coffee recipe, calories and composition for the preparation of homeRough and coffee recipes of its preparation in the home interest many fans of the drink. A number of people said it was scope for imagination barista, others jokingly say That it is a pleasure for the "vanilla" girls. Whatever it was, the drink quickly found supporters.

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Coffee on an empty stomach - the ConsequencesMany people consume coffee on an empty stomach, without thinking about the Consequences. He is not a harmless drink, has an invigorating effect, and the Therefore he favored the morning, when it is so hard to wake up. But to get Involved in them, especially on an empty stomach, it is not Necessary.

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Can I drink coffee in the dietSubject: "Can coffee on a diet" is raised for a long time, and the controversy on this subject is still Continues this day. Coffee attributed magical powers, praised its energy potential and excellent taste and aroma. The benefits and harms of the product is not only Estimated cooks, recently joined In These discussions and nutritionists. It was too wayward and controversial this drink in the diet: Whether tones, or Increases the burden on the body? Becomes also a cause of Disputes this characterization of coffee as its high caloric content, if it would interfere with dietary diet?

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