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Indonesian coffee The most well-known Producers of coffee - it's Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala. But the world is beautiful and That it varied. Wonderful island nation of Indonesia, consisting of more than 18 000 large and small islands, too, grows coffee. Though not in a dry Quantities as the Latin American countries, but the quality and originality of Indonesian coffee, no doubt, deserves attention. By virtue of its geographical location and the presence of a mountain landscape Indonesia has favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee.

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German coffeeGermans are known for all its thoroughness and scrupulousness in all respects. They are also high demands put forward, and that The Producers. The Germans never part with Their money, if not 100% convinced That the product quality. As a tester of products serves a world-renowned institute "Stiftung Warentest", Which is trusted by all Unconditionally. The Therefore, the German coffee is famous worldwide for its high quality and natural taste.

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How to make coffee CORRECTLY

A cup of your favorite coffee in the morning helps it finally wake up and tune into a working harmony. But if coffee is prepared incorrectly, the bracing effect is not the same, and the taste of the coffee will not complete. How can properly prepare the coffee Obtain this is a delicious aroma and taste That energize you for a long time?

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