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What to drink coffee

Consider people who themselves to be real coffee people prefer to drink coffee without adding anything to it (even sugar) and not eating at the same time any desserts or cakes, believing That the only way to experience the full flavor of this noble drink. But most prefer to supplement the process of a variety of goodies. And a lot of option, t. To. Coffee goes well with many foods.

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Coffee for coffee machinesAcquiring modern coffee makers, before many Consumers question arises, how do you choose the coffee for the coffee machine. The correct choice is the key to a delicious and refreshing drink. Even the most expensive car can not cook a good coffee from low-quality raw materials, so when choosing a need to Consider The Following points. Type of coffee machines are carob That, and the automatic coffee or capsule.

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Indonesian coffee The most well-known Producers of coffee - it's Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala. But the world is beautiful and That it varied. Wonderful island nation of Indonesia, consisting of more than 18 000 large and small islands, too, grows coffee. Though not in a dry Quantities as the Latin American countries, but the quality and originality of Indonesian coffee, no doubt, deserves attention.

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