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Cuban coffeeMost of the world's population every day drinking your favorite drink - coffee. But not everyone is aware of the fact That coffee is the most consumed product after oil. It set the mood, vitality and activity in day to drink about 1.4 billion cups. There are many varieties of coffee and cooking methods, so That everyone can choose what suits him. Coffee production Involved 75 countries of the world, not the least of Which rightfully belongs to Cuba.

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Colombian coffeeColombia is Considered to be the world leader in the production of coffee. Almost half the population of the country is occupied by its cultivation, transportation and packaging. Successful coffee business is accompanied by favorable climate conditions, the optimum ratio of heat, moisture and sunlight. The ground slopes contains a lot of nutrients, so farmers do not have the need to further Top nurture her. Suitable temperature and a Sufficient amount of tropical rain Provide regular coffee harvest.

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The most expensive coffees - Top 10

Every day in the world is used more than 2 billion cups of coffee, Which puts him a leader among the best-selling beverages. Such popularity is due not only is its noble flavor and taste, but also isnt a variety of recipes and ways of cooking. Most dedicated fans drink willing to spend big money for elite varieties of coffee, not stopping even before spending hundreds of dollars for a few tens of grams of drink.

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