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The most expensive coffeesThe fact That coffee - a delicious and refreshing drink is known to every citizen of our planet. However, few people know That the price for 1 kg of coffee beans can reach $ 1,000. And some are even willing to give this money to try the rarest varieties. At the moment, around the world grows about 70 species of coffee trees, with it, Arabica and Robusta covers about 98% of the world market. Coffees great mana, they are significantly different not only in taste and aroma, but also the price.

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The main feature of the coffee beverage as Maragogype is its instability, instability rather taste. This is the instability was detected only after a few decades after the first harvest. Maragogype, unlike other varieties, is very sensitive to the mineral composition of the soil in Which it grows, as well as temperature control during development and harvest.

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Grain Robusta from the colleagues are different from Their counterparts, in Particular in from Arabica That they do not have such a pronounced flavor, but far superior that other varieties of the fortress. Robusta also sprouts are different in That they are much better resist diseases and insects. However, the castle - it is not the main characteristic of coffee as a beverage. The main characteristic is the taste, Robusta Which is greatly inferior to his brothers.

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Ekstselza for gourmet coffee

"Awesome coffee" or ekstselza - is one of the varieties of coffee That is not grown for industrial purposes, but added to the elite coffee blends that enhance the coffee flavor. The second name of this coffee - "High coffee", Which is associated with the plant from Which it happened. The fact ekstselza That belongs to high grade Coffee, That trunks can reach up to 26 meters in height.

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The most exotic coffee varietiesExotic coffee is a product of very high quality, Which is a rare and expensive. Such coffee has a special taste and an unusual odor. It is for this exotic coffee and appreciated, especially since it is produced in small Quantities. People who want to treat yourself to an exotic raznnoobraziem coffee should be aware of isnt unique varieties.

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The most expensive types of coffee

Expensive coffee is an elite drink, Which is not available to everyone you meet. To date, the market Represented a fairly wide choice of elite varieties of coffee, Which in turn are able deliver is a real pleasure to man and give vivacity for the whole day. It is worth knowing That the most expensive and the most original kind of coffee is Considered to be "Kopi Luwak".

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