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Blue Mountain CoffeeThis sort of coffee is grown only in one place in Jamaica (in fact, the name of the area and gave the name of this variety). Only on the mountain slopes of the island of Jamaica, where the area is not too large, formed the bridge Suitable, they might say - a unique environment for the cultivation of coffee beans.

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Brazilian coffee: features of cultivation and the final productThat in most countries produce coffee, natural conditions are about the same on the entire territory, and the Therefore a large number and diversity of varieties they can not boast. However, Brazil - is an exception this rule, since it natural and soil conditions are extremely diverse. Respectively, and the varieties of coffee in her set.

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Coffee with Brazilian roots

Wonderful and distant Brazil, is famous not only a huge number of wild monkeys, but also part of the Countries That grow and export coffee to the world. Brazil is endowed with an abundance of fertile land and fertile conditions for growing high quality coffee. For each individual class needs its own land and the different levels of moisture and heat. The climatic conditions of this country allow it to ripen at the same time throughout the harvest.

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