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Coffee with milk - benefit or harm, interesting recipes and videosIn our country, the coffee with milk already started drinking when the coffee itself and rarely Appeared on the shelves and was just a huge deficit! The taste of the brew you, to put it mildly, not very. But if it turned out pretty tasty add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and milk. Today, hardly anyone says so, the market just indulge us a variety of coffee.

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The caffeine content in tea and coffeeSo look painted kristallykofeina under an electron mikroskopomKofein is a purine alkaloid. It is present in the chemical composition of plants as dry cocoa tree, in tea leaves in guarana, cola, mate, as well as in some parts of the coffee tree. Plants caffeine Necessary for protection against pests, Which Their feed on leaves.

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Coffee with cardamom - interesting recipesThe use of spices in the preparation of coffee came to us from the Far East. The Arabs added to the drink ginger, cinnamon, pepper and other spices to make the coffee taste richer. To date, a lot of fans of similar drinks and one of the variants of coffee with spices.

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Black coffee and green - what's the difference between themMany believe That black and green coffee are completely different types of coffee. However, this opinion is erroneous, since in fact it is the same product. Green coffee is the raw natural coffee, that is, it is not fried.

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