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coffee dessert

Coffee is undoubtedly in human life occupies a special place. For many, this is not just a delicious drink, but also Necessary, in Particular, it Maintain the vitality, especially in the morning, as the coffee helps it finally wake up. But in addition to drink coffee and is often used as a base for all kinds of desserts, one of Which We will now analyze. Coffee and cream jelly. . . Sounds tasty and tempting, is not it?

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Chocolate mousse coffee: Recipe

Chocolate and coffee mousse - delicate desserts with the divine taste, moderately sweet, with a pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate and a delicate aroma of coffee. This mousse is the perfect dessert for New Year's feast, as the feast ends well after midnight, serving chocolate coffee dessert is a good alternative is a piece of cake with coffee, it would be helpful for your figure. If you decide to cook chocolate-coffee mousse for New Year's, you need to calculate the time CORRECTLY, after all the layers have time to congeal as it should. I advise you to begin the process of preparing mousse in the morning. While turn will solidify in the refrigerator layers of mousse, you can engage in the preparation of other dishes.

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Tiramisu curd: recipe

Tiramisu - a very tasty delicacy, but the price is expensive, and the Therefore not always and not everyone has the opportunity to buy cream cheese mascarpone, from the cream Which is made for this dessert. As always rescued savvy and our ability to get out of any situation, cleverly substituting more expensive products readily available ingredients. We offer you to cook tiramisu curd.

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