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Angielski dessertsDifferent countries of the world Present Their dishes. It often happens That the composition of foods These foods include That are quite alien to us. Most people prefer the familiar dishes, than something new. As regards Angielski cuisine, and in particular I the British desserts, they also have Their Own characteristics.

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fruit dessertsFruits - These are products That are not only delicious, but also useful. Fruit desserts can replace the usual sweetness to your children That will also have a positive effect on Their body. Fruit - this is the best completion of any meal. Of course, they themselves are a great dessert, and if you add cheese or other additives, it can turn out very tasty and beautiful. Well, and, of course, an excellent dessert is apple pie, core berry jam.

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French dessertsFrench dessert - this is probably the best there is That in French dishes. If you ever try French desserts, it will remain for a lifetime lover of all French cuisine. But, even if there are only permanent French food, life is not enough to try everything. Especially because of the confectionery can be cooked Directly in France, as in our country do not have the right products.

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Italian dessertItaly - this is one of the most romantic and wonderful countries. But this country attracts not only beautiful landscapes and climate, it is also known to dry famous artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci. Also, many people like to travel to Rome, Venice and savor Virgo Kotoy, Tiramisu and Sabayon. The Italians are great gourmets and sweet tooth.

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