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Tea with cinnamon - a recipe for weight loss and eternal youthBeautiful Scheherazade thousand and one night spoke to the king, angry with the feminine, intricate tales. Legend has it that the forces of the girl kept a fragrant tea with cinnamon recipe is kept for generations in her family. Every night, she brewed a delicious drink with spicy cinnamon and honey, and then a gentle voice fascinated the king's imagination into the world of oriental fairy tales.

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White tea - the benefits and harmsThis variety of tea like white tea is not so long ago Appeared in Europe and, unfortunately, is not very popular, despite its delicate taste and beneficial properties. The Drink Became famous in his native China in the 14th century and originally Supplied Exclusively to the table of the emperor during the tea ceremony.

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Herbal tea at homeDo not rush to grab another cup of coffee when the focus does not work, or a pack of sleeping pills to swallow, if you can not sleep after a hard tiring day! Focus and cheer up early in the morning you will drink tea from leaves of melissa with mint leaves and a sweet dream wakeless to provide your 100% of the tea plant acacia honey.

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Chamomile tea - the benefits and harms of this drinkChamomile tea - tasty and healthy drink, loved us even in early childhood. As a medicinal plant the wildflower Became known that mankind since ancient times. Useful properties of lilies and decoctions have started to use more than two thousand years ago.

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Hibiscus tea for weight loss - a cool beverage without caloriesBright red sour drink made from hibiscus flowers (Sudanese rose) has been known that mankind for millennia. Today, many are Actively using the properties of tea Hibiscus tea for weight loss, because this drink is not only useful, but it also helps stabilize and reduce the weight.

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