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Coffee dessert gelatin

In order to cheer it up a little, do not Necessarily to drink coffee, enough to eat scrumptious dessert coffee with gelatin, milk and chicken egg yolks. Delicate texture and full-bodied coffee flavor with a slight hint of vanilla will not only help to stay awake, but also give the body vitality and clarity of thought. And if the prepare coffee tiramisu with coconut, then the mood will improve twice)

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Desserts with gelatinGelatin is quite useful product, the core of Which is collagen. It is recommended to use to enhance blood clotting and Increase the growth of connective tissue. When fractures it helps to speed up the process of matching bones. It also contains useful amino acids, Which Increase energy and mental activity of man, Strengthen the heart muscle. Gelatin is widely used in cooking when cooking various dishes.

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