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Picture of coffee beans

The day we close friend's birthday. Once again my head spin, "What to give?". Always difficult to choose a gift for the person who has seemingly everything is already there. Cosmetics - corny spirits - individually, crockery - rubble, what, what? Well, she likes her coffee and I have managed to give a beautiful cup and saucer, and then there was an electric coffee grinder, and after you retro coffee grinder (handles sit and grind coffee because much more interesting).

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Tree of coffee beans

True the coffee does not need anything to talk about the intoxicating aroma of the coffee beans. People who have long and firmly addicted to coffee, already can not imagine his life without this delicious refreshing drink. Of course, a lot of drinking coffee is bad, but it is not Necessary to use inside, because they can simply admire, for example, make original articles from coffee beans. This little thing can be proud to put on your desk in the office, decorate her own home environment, making it more comfortable, or is it present his fellow friends, Acquaintances as the exclusive fragrant gift.

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