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What is Green CoffeeThe extract of green coffee - it's the latest craze of people who want to lose weight. On it it is written and narrated many true stories and is Composed of more myths. Unfortunately, due to the fraudulent actions of the cunning and honest businessmen, many people are disillusioned with the positive properties of green coffee and do not believe that you 'can actually lose weight with its help.

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Tea with cinnamon and ginger - how to make a drink helpfulThis invent a thousand and one famous tale Scheherazade had during the day, when the unbearable heat sleepy and confused thoughts. According this ancient legends from exhaustion, dehydration and exhaustion Woman rescued green tea with cinnamon.

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Black coffee and green - what's the difference between themMany believe That black and green coffee are completely different types of coffee. However, this opinion is erroneous, since in fact it is the same product. Green coffee is the raw natural coffee, that is, it is not fried.

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Green tea for weight loss: what to choose for the result?Nutritionists often include green tea in a letter of products used in the weight correction. This happens because the healing drink from the tea leaf that has the ability significantly accelerate metabolic processes. And the value and effectiveness of any weight loss diet is just based on the Possibility that Increase the metabolism.

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Green coffee: a composition and properties being hiddenDrink some coffee lovers are wondering Whether natural coffee actually helps with weight loss. This topic is recent controversial debates and discussions. Recent scientific studies have shown caffeine That has a number of substances that help in the breakdown of fats.

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