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Coffee with honey and lemon

Coffee with honey many people call longevity drink. This is not surprising, because the natural honey, itself is very useful for you. Especially if you are buying a high quality honey. Many will say That one or two teaspoons of honey and drink will add from 50 to 100 calories, but natural antibacterial substances contained in it protect the body from harmful infections.

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Benefits of coffee with honey

Honey is a natural sweetener That can perfectly replace sugar in tea or coffee. Try to make coffee with honey, and you will see That the drink will sparkle with new colors flavor. In addition to excellent taste, coffee and honey has a very beneficial effect on the body, for good reason it got its name "longevity drink."

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Coffee with honey

Coffee with honey - an excellent tonic. Caffeine bracing and honey contains many useful substances. Glucose and fructose contained in honey - a source of energy, Which, coupled with caffeine gives a terrific tonic effect. As a sweetener for coffee because of Their taste and flavor characteristics, honey Appears bridge advantageous in comparison with sugar. There are many options for preparing coffee with honey, the easiest of Which is it add honey in the finished cola drinks instead of sugar.

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