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Instant coffee: the benefits and harms

Almost 80 years ago, Nestlé Began producing instant coffee, Which Became very quickly popular around the world. This was aided by the simplicity and speed of preparation of an invigorating drink. Instant coffee is not Necessary to cook all that is needed - it just pour the powder with hot water and the drink is ready for use.

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How to make instant coffeeInstant coffee # 8212; This drink, Which Appeared in 1899, the American scientist Satori Kato invented the technology of production of instant tea, and then in the same way to make instant coffee. For the first time in the instant coffee market came in 1909, when Englishman George Constant Washington, waiting for his wife in a cafe, I saw That there was dust on the spoon - coffee condensate vapors. Instant coffee as we know it came only in 1938, when the Brazilians Decided conserve it, and THUS preserve the surplus of coffee beans. In this they were helped by the Swiss Max Himik Morgentaller.

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