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Ideas for small kitchen - a real design with photos & quot; hruschevke & quot;Getting repairs in the apartment with a horror start to think, what to do with the kitchen, if it is small-sized. After all, I do not understand how to put on 5-8 square meters, and all you need to do it beautifully and Efficiently. We offer you the actual design of a small kitchen with a photo and want to share the secrets of the expansion of space.

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Kitchen Hoods unequivocalWhen the kitchen and, consequently, the whole house is filled with refreshing notes of coffee, exciting aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, sweet intoxication and other delicious smells - it's nice. Moreover - even useful, it is a kind of culinary aromatherapy, Which will give a good mood, bright and positive emotions, vigor, zest for life.

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About the modern kitchenAt any kitchen sink, stove, hood, lighting, household appliances, however, as the Necessary utensils, should occupy only "his" place. Only then kitchen, harmoniously combined with the rest of the design space, begins its astonishing "transformation", filling the space with an atmosphere of comfort, A Certain Way of Life, Which is impossible to replicate or copy.

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