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Calorie recipes and coffee with sugar and milkThere are many variations of coffee with sugar and milk. Basically, drinking coffee THUS made in the Old World countries, where it Became widely used only in the 17th century. Since sugar and milk significantly soften the bitter taste and sharp enough Europeans prefer a coffee drink.

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Coffee with milk - benefit or harm, interesting recipes and videosIn our country, the coffee with milk already started drinking when the coffee itself and rarely Appeared on the shelves and was just a huge deficit! The taste of the brew you, to put it mildly, not very. But if it turned out pretty tasty add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and milk. Today, hardly anyone says so, the market just indulge us a variety of coffee.

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Coffee with milk and cinnamon: recipe

Coffee - it is a wonderful refreshing drink, loved all over the world. Supplement it is possible to taste the milk, cream, alcohol, honey and spices. Try, for example, coffee, honey, cardamom and chocolate. Coffee blends perfectly with All These components, from Which takes on a new and exquisite taste tinge. Each gourmet selects for itself is the additional component, Which is most preferred.

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