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Desserts with gelatinGelatin is quite useful product, the core of Which is collagen. It is recommended to use to enhance blood clotting and Increase the growth of connective tissue. When fractures it helps to speed up the process of matching bones. It also contains useful amino acids, Which Increase energy and mental activity of man, Strengthen the heart muscle. Gelatin is widely used in cooking when cooking various dishes.

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Dessert of strawberriesStrawberry - a favorite berry huge number of people. And no wonder, because it is tasty and extremely helpful. It contains vitamins, minerals and precious essential oils. With low-calorie, it is very much appreciated as a diet food. In addition, it can help to improve your metabolism, quench thirst and Strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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A few words about tea etiquette

Someone rare, and there are often someone Situations when it is Necessary during a tea party to show off the most well-mannered, ethical, or simply do not stand out from the gallant company. In this article we will tell you a little about proper tea party, this information will not be superfluous to everyone.

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The best recipes of coffee masksRich composition of coffee makes it a very popular home cosmetic. One of the most common is the coffee scrub, because the abrasive particles of coffee Effectively, but to help gently exfoliates dead skin particles. We want to tell you how to prepare the mask using coffee That will help keep your skin's health, as well as returning it elasticity.

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