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Viennese coffee

There was coffee in Vienna after a two-month siege of the city by Turkish troops. Due to the Turks Appeared in time the troops were put flight and abandoned it all Their possessions, Including sacks of coffee. Enterprising Sutler Kolshitsky, thanks to the help in lifting the siege, was gifted with the ability to choose any trophies and duty-free to engage in any activities in Vienna. So there was the first coffee house in the pigeon bottle.

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Coffee and chocolate pudding

Basis pudding - eggs, milk, flour and sugar. Additives May be anything - cereals (rice, semolina, millet), fruits, berries, cheese, pumpkin, coffee, chocolate, spices. Traditionally cooked pudding in a water bath, but in a more simple recipes used and other technologies - cooking or baking and pudding on a quiet fire.

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Simple chocolate coffee cake

Chocolate and coffee is probably one of the most popular ingredients in pastry for cooking a variety of desserts. Classics of the genre - a chocolate sponge cake http: // www. videoculinary. ru / recipe / retsept-prostoj-biskvitnyj-cake /, where the basis of taste serves chocolate and added to the coffee cake gives it a noble aftertaste. Chocolate and coffee cake is a surprisingly tasty and will appeal to all lovers of sweets.

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