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How to cook cheesecake at homeClassic cheesecake - a cake made of cream cheese, Which can be called a cake and pie and casseroles, and even tiramisu, as the tiramisu is also made of cheese and biscuits. Single cheesecake recipe does not exist, even in his native America. Each state has its own characteristics, some put in cheesecake cream and other cream, and some condensed milk.

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Italian dessertItaly - this is one of the most romantic and wonderful countries. But this country attracts not only beautiful landscapes and climate, it is also known to dry famous artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci. Also, many people like to travel to Rome, Venice and savor Virgo Kotoy, Tiramisu and Sabayon. The Italians are great gourmets and sweet tooth.

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Desserts in hasteDesserts - and favorite dishes, both adults and children. Fruit salads, cakes, puddings - it is simply impossible to give up this sweet temptation. But sometimes the recipe view of a dish, just give up, because These recipes seem too difficult. THUS, it is Necessary to take advantage of uncomplicated recipes in a hurry, if you really really want something sweet for dessert. Generally, the use of desserts after the main meal has spread from the nineteenth century in Europe.

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