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Turk for coffee or pots - features and selection rulesTurk (or otherwise # 171; # 187 pots) - is a thick-walled vessel, Which is designed for the preparation Of These, thick and fragrant coffee specialties. For us, the more familiar name - # 171; # 187; and the Turk in Turkey it is called # 171; # 187;, pots and in Saudi Arabia and Syria, the pot called the # 171; Dalla # 187; or # 171; ibrik # 187;.   

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Coffee with salt and pepper

Coffee - one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are many ways to cook it. In various cafes and restaurants, most of the coffee prepared in the coffee machine. Some Directly brewed coffee in the cup, but true Connoisseurs prepare coffee in Turku. This cooking method is Considered to be the most correct.

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