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Coffee recipe to Sofi LorenIt is difficult to find someone who would not admire this Italian temperamental, Which is maddening crowds of fans literally decades. Surprisingly, among its admirers were Considered not only men - Their despite the sometimes provocative way she skillfully conquered and won the trust and women. Today we'll show you how to make coffee for her favorite recipe, Which she half-jokingly, half-seriously called "love potion".

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Turkish coffee and its preparation

It just so happened That the Turkish coffee has gained popularity worldwide. Although coffee is not grown in Turkey, it is through this country (then Ottoman Empire) Began the march of this magnificent beverage worldwide. For a long time the coffee is Considered as a traditional Turkish drink, like tea.

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Ideal Turk: how to choose it? (Part two)The production of coffee has long has its own classics, not only in regard to the recipes, but That Refers to the lord In Which the coffee is ready. To get the perfect drink, you need to choose the perfect vessel for its preparation. On how not to make a mistake - see below.

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