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The correct water temperature for brewing teaAn important part of any of the tea ceremony is water. Brewing good and expensive tea leaves, it can easily spoil the bad water. The Therefore, for proper brewing tea it is very important that not only monitor the quality of water composition, but also beyond its temperature.

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How to clean the kettle from scale vinegar and other waysNo matter what company you kettle, no matter it is made and how this material carefully what you do not exploit it, still there will be formed therein, and her need to fight. Why is formed scale, and how to clean the kettle from scale and lime deposits will consider later in this article.

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Greek coffee and Greek coffeeContents: A drink That came to us from distant Greece What sort of Greek coffee is better Arabica or Robusta ground coffee Can substitute secret of soluble coffee in a coffee grecheskiRetsepty grecheskiLegenda about cold kofeKofe Greek "Greek" - a recipe !? dolgoletiyaTraditsionny Greek kofeGustoy Greek "clotted cream" Coffee with cream foam, in grecheskiGretsiya in a coffee cup

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Coffee machine Expobar Brilliance

Unique automatic coffee machine Expobar Brilliance, is a kind of a fully automated coffee machine, Which can prepare cappuccino, espresso, latte, chocolate, macchiato, etc ... In this integrated coffee machine coffee grinder, the presence of Which leads to the beverage from freshly saturated grains, can adjust the degree of the grinding. To get a cup of coffee without much effort, just the touch of a button. Technique will do everything itself: grinds grain, serving form, and then submits the coffee.

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